Daily Election Report: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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Presidential Election:

Trump:  The Drudge Report broke the big story story: Trump has officially announced his re-election bid and named his campaign manager, Brad Parscale.

Senate Elections:

Mississippi: Chris McDaniel is back! The state senator who primaried longtime incumbent Republican Thad Cochran in 2014, and lost the runoff primary election narrowly 51%-49%, wants to challenge one-term Senator Roger Wicker in 2018. Trump endorsed Wicker on Twitter. This race will get interesting.

Tennessee: Bob Corker officially announced he would NOT change his mind. This is a good move because he would’ve lost to Marsha Blackburn. It’s her seat to lose now.

Texas: Trump endorsed Ted Cruz for re-election, despite their long political feud.

House Elections:

California’s 35th: Former Blue Dog Democrat Congressman Joe Baca has decided to run against incumbent Rep. Norma Torres. Hillary Clinton won this district with 68% of the vote, but it would be nice for a centrist Democrat to represent this district.

California’s 44th: “Clueless” actress Stacey Dash is challenging incumbent Dem Congresswoman Nanette Barragán in a district Clinton received 83% of the vote in.

Florida’s 17th: Republicans got a STRONG RECRUIT – State Senator Greg Steube.

North Carolina’s 3rd: Craven County Commissioner Scott Dacey (R-NC) is trying to tie incumbent Rep. Walter Jones Jr. (a libertarian-leaning Republican) to Nancy Pelosi. Trump received 60% of the vote here.

North Dakota’s At-Large District: Democrats got a potentially decent recruit – State Senator John Grabinger, who represents a district that Romney (57%) and Trump (63%) won. He’ll face former one-term state Rep. Ben Hanson in the primary. Republicans have two state senators: Tom Campbell and Kelly Armstrong.

New Jersey’s 11th: It turns out Antony Ghee, who appeared to be a very strong candidate, wasn’t a registered Republican until two days before filling. Ghee gave a bad answer (for his primary election), saying “I’ve never voted straight party line.” That’s a great general election line in this swing district, but Republican Assemblyman Jay Webber is capitalizing on it.

New Mexico’s 2nd: Democrats held a convention and nominated state Rep. Yvette Herrell. Trump won this district by ten points.

Pennsylvania’s (New) 4th: Dem State Senator Daylin Leach has dropped out after realizing his sexual assault allegations could put this typically safe Democratic seat (Clinton received 59% of the vote here) in play. Meanwhile, State Rep. Mary Jo Daley is now running.

Pennsylvania’s (New) 10th: GOOD NEWS – Democrat Auditor General Eugene DePasquale will NOT run here, which means incumbent Republican Scott Perry will almost certainly win re-election.

Pennsylvania’s (New) 13th: Republican state Rep. Steve Bloom announced that he will run in this district. The only problem is that, as Daily Kos noted, only about a third of his state district wound up in the 13th. On the bright side, he raised 200k.


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