Daily Election Report: Monday, February 26, 2018

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Senate Elections:

California: Apparently, Senator Dianne Feinstein isn’t liberal enough for today’s Democratic Party. The California Democratic Party favored her far-left primary opponent State Senator Kevin De Leon by a 54-37 vote. It was an extraordinarily rare anti-incumbent vote for a major political party. This will definitely hurt the Democratic Party in the 2018 midterm elections.

Missouri: The Republican’s likely nominee Josh Hawley, the Missouri AG, has spent over $100,000 on legal fees because of frivolous lawsuits from David Brock’s left-wing legal group – American Democracy Legal Fund. This goes to show how desperate the Democratic Party is, how vulnerable Claire McCaskill is, and how much of a strong candidate Hawley is.

Nevada: ClearPath Action Fund, a conservative renewable energy advocacy group, endorsed Dean Heller and is planning “major investments” for his re-election campaign.

Texas: Beto O’Rourke continues to outraise Senator Cruz, which is sort of a good thing – a lot of donors are wasting their money. Still, Cruz and his supporters should keep an eye on O’Rourke.

House Elections:

Connecticut’s 5th: Republicans got a MAJOR recruit: Former Meriden (Population: 61k) Mayor Manny Santos. This is a potential pickup in a GOP wave election. The incumbent Democrat, Elizabeth Esty, barely won her three election bids (52% in 2012, 53% in 2014, and 58% in 2016). Clinton won this district by a modest four points, 50%-46%. Obama won this district twice with a modest 54%-45% margin in 2012 and 56%-42% in 2008. In a Republican wave election, Santos could defeat Esty.

Georgia’s 6th: The Democrats’ special election nominee Jon Ossoff, who lost the election to Karen Handel by four percentage points despite outraising and outspending her, has decided not to run for this seat in 2018. That’s a good move because Handel will definitely win re-election. She won last summer before the GOP passed tax cuts and when Trump’s approval rating was much lower. If she won the election then, she’ll win it in November, especially considering the fact that Trump won this seat in 2016 and the Republican average in the last three presidential elections is 56%. L

New Jersey’s 2nd: Software executive Hirsh Singh dropped out of the Senate election and is now running for this Obama-Trump swing district. The Democratic Party has a strong recruit with State Senator Jeff Van Drew. This district sits in the expensive Philadelphia metro area, so Singh must raise a lot of money to defeat Van Drew in November.

Pennsylvania: Three Republican-appointed federal circuit judges will hear the case.

Texas: The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the congressional map case.

UT-04: Republican incumbent Mia Love is leading Democrat Salt Lake City Mayor Ben McAdams 49%-43% in a new poll. It’s a modest 8 point lead, but there is almost no chance she loses this seat. Trump received 45 percent of the vote here in 2016. Any normal Republican should have no problem winning this district, and Love herself won re-election in 2016 by a 13-point margin, 54%-41%.


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